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Jana Linke-Sippl

Birthday: 16. March in Neustadt/Orla, a little town in Thuringia, East Germany
Current Residence: Graz, Austria

Height: 171cm - 5'7"
Competition Weight: 81 kg - 178 lbs.
Weight (Off season): 91 kg - 200 lbs.
Biceps: 43 cm - 17"
Chest: 117cm - 46"
Quads: 68 cm - 27"
Calves: 44 cm – 17,5"

Hobbies: cruising with my motorbike, swimming, inline skating work out, summer, beach, ice crème, chocolate,
Pet Peeves: Dishonesty, unreliability, people, who talk a lot, but mean nothing, garlic, getting up early in the morning.

Goals: Compete in the Miss O and the Arnold Classic .
Favourite/Least Favourite Exercises: I haven’t a favourite or least exercises. Every day I train an other body part and look forward on my training the next day and every week again.
Favourite Body Part: Legs, triceps, shoulder, biceps, calves, chest, … all ;-)
Only a balanced body is a good body!!!

Started Training: Before Germany was united, I lived in East Germany. When I came to West-Germany, it was the first time I saw a fitness-centre. I was very enthusiastic about it. I mean, I was always interested in sports, no matter what kind! I took part in track and field, I also skated a lot, played tennis and parachute jumped, but just for fun. It was more a hobby then a serious sport. One day I went into the fitness-centre and had my first training day, after that I knew, that's the right thing for me. I was always inspired of muscular women bodies and so I decided to work as hard as possible to get like them.

Because of my excellent genetics, I took part in IFBB-Competition in 1991, after only 16 months of training. It was my first competition. After that I stopped the training for 6 years, because of private reasons.
In 1997 I started again and just one year later , in 1998, I took part in competitions. Since that time I had improve very fast. In November 2005 I won my first Vice WM-Title at the Junior Masters WM and so my career of an amateur ended. A new period started for me as a professional in the year 2006. This gave me new motivations to try to compete on the top.