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2020-11-13 (afternoon to night) Passau

2020-11-14 (afternoon to night) Munich

2020-11-15 (afternoon to night) Nurnberg

2020-11-16 (afternoon to night) Stuttgart

2020-11-17 (afternoon to night) Frankfurt

2020-11-18 (afternoon to night) Cologne

2020-11-19 (afternoon to night) Hannover

2020-11-20 (afternoon) to 2020-11-21 (night) Hamburg

2020-11-22 (afternoon) to 2020-11-23 (night) Berlin

2020-11-25 (afternoon to night) Regensburg

Leider haben wir nun den 2. Lockdown und ich kann nicht mehr von Österreich nach Deutschland fahren.
Deshalb muss ich diese Tour auf unbestimmt verschieben, werde aber die Reihenfolge und Wochentage beibehalten. Ich hoffe sehr, dass wir uns noch dieses Jahr vor Weihnachten treffen können.

Unfortunately we now have the 2nd lockdown and I can no longer drive from Austria to Germany.
Therefore I have to postpone this tour indefinitely, but will keep the order and days of the week. I very much hope we can meet before Christmas this year.

Due to the Covid 19 ban, we all are unable to travel.

I was preparing for a comeback (after 12 years) on April 11th in Savannah.

Now I’m in the best shape ever and it’s a really big pity, nobody can meet me.

You will find many new pics at “journal”.


At least now I want to offer all my fans to meet me in a Skype-Session.

If you are interested, please contact me and I will let you know all details.

Take care and stay safe !!!
Your Rippedprincess Jana