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2023-11-23 (afternoon to night) Geneva

2023-11-24 (afternoon to night) Bern

2023-11-25 (afternoon) to 2023-11-26 (night) Zurich

2023-11-27 (afternoon) to 2023-11-28 (night) London

2023-11-29 (afternoon to night) Manchester

2023-11-30 (afternoon to night) Glasgow

2023-12-01 (afternoon to night) Amsterdam

2023-12-02 (afternoon) to 2023-12-03 (night) Berlin


2023-12-18 (afternoon to night) München

2023-12-19 (afternoon to night) Nürnberg

2023-12-20 (afternoon to night) Frankfurt

2023-12-21 (afternoon to night) Köln

2023-12-22 (afternoon to night) Hannover

2023-12-27 (afternoon to night) Regensburg

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At least now I want to offer all my fans to meet me in a Skype-Session.

If you are interested, please contact me and I will let you know all details.

Take care and stay safe !!!
Your Rippedprincess Jana